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Grace TNT Generation

Grace TNT Generation, our production label, is derived from the names of Timothy and Titus from the bible. What do both Timothy and Titus have in common? The answer lies in how the Apostle Paul describes both of them in 1 Titus 1:4 and 1 Timothy 1:2; where he calls them both ‘true sons in the faith’.

This was birthed through a prophetic word by Ps Henry K Pillai, given through Ps Richard Thong on 26 May 2019, where he said that it is now the time for the Timothy and Titus to arise. Hence, TNT was born.

Interestingly, TNT is also very powerful explosive that can be used to break down walls.

We believe that the TNT Generation will be a generation of both young and old, who will used by the Lord in the last days to powerfully break down any walls in the spiritual realm.

The History

The journey to releasing our own sound came about after a prophetic prayer by the father of the house, Ps Henry K Pillai on ...

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The Theme

You will find as you listen to our songs that the constant running theme is to experience God as our Heavenly Father. In the ...

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The Songs

There are 12 songs in this album, made up from 4 different languages. All these songs were written by us, birthed from ...

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The Provision

When the idea of producing an album came about, we had no idea where or how the funds were going to ...

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The Journey

The making of this album took 2 ½ months, involving a team of 60 musicians, singers, songwriters and scripture narrators from ...

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