"It is the new sound that will break old cycles."

- Chuck Pierce -

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Album launch

We are so pleased to announce the launch of 'Arising', our debut album! A collection of 12 songs, all written by us, in 4 different languages (English Language, Malay Language, Chinese Language and Tamil Language).

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Arising Album

In special honour of

Arising, our album is dedicated to our beloved spiritual father, Ps Henry K Pillai. We are all that we are, because of you and your sacrifices. Thank you for believing in our roar… even before we first heard it ourselves.

We love you, Ps Henry.

Our Story

This album is made with various artists from vast backgrounds showcasing their talents, culture and backgrounds. Find out more about their stories.

The New Season

The Lord has brought us into a new time where we are to possess all that God has ordained and prepared for us. In a new time, there must be a new sound to break through every barrier set by the enemy. Every nation has a song. The unique sound of a nation or a locality is what is needed to break through every hindrance set by the enemy over that nation or over that locality. What precedes a new movement is a new sound. Therefore, this is our united, new sound of revival. May there be chains broken, lives transformed, hearts healed and many encounters with our Father God take place as you listen to our songs.

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